STRANDS offers a wide range of post-tensioning solutions from Mono Strand systems typically used in house slabs where the ground is highly reactive, Slab Systems (12.7mm / 15.2mm) suitable for suspended high rise construction, to complex multi strand systems used in heavily profiled transfer slabs. STRANDS has the expertise, materials and equipment to mobilize any size project with quality workmanship delivered within tight construction programs. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality product safely, on time and on budget.

Structural Design

STRANDS provides efficient design alternatives to conventionally reinforced slabs by engaging specialised consulting engineers for the detailed slab design. Our design techniques result in cost savings by reducing the number of vertical elements, transfers, non-stressed reinforcement quantities, concrete volume and project cycle time. In addition to the time and money savings.Let a STRANDS Expert assess your next project to see what savings can be realised.